We provide state-of-the-art training courses so that our clients can acquire, operate and maintain their own systems.

SCR offers specific training on its product portfolio, designs specialised programs for users in the civil and defence fields, and actively participates in several of the main academic programs on unmanned systems in Spain. The company trains the teams that operate and maintain their platforms to ensure they are used efficiently and safely. In this context, the SCR team’s extensive experience allows us to instruct clients in a wide range of situations that may arise in a real environment. This experience, together with extensive knowledge of the key processes in the sector, also enables us to offer customised training services in several areas of interest, including all aspects related to the platform and its ancillary equipment and payloads.

Training courses taught by SCR take a global approach, addressing security and theoretical issues, applicable regulations and actual operational systems. All this combined with practical activity with simulation and real flight systems. SCR offers the flexibility to deliver this training at its facilities as well as at the end user level nationally and internationally.

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