Legal disclaimer

1. Right to information 

We inform you that this Website is owned by Sistemas de Control Remoto (hereinafter “SCR”), with VATIN B-80928385 and registered office in Calle Isla de la Palma, número 36, naves 8 and 9, Polígono Industrial Norte, San Sebastián de los Reyes, 28073 Madrid, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, volume 8.250, book 0, sheet 50, section 8, page M-133066, entry 1. 

The user may contact SCR through the online form in the ‘Contact’ section of this Website, as well as via phone call at +34 91 651 82 27.

2. Use of the Website 

The user accepts responsibility for the use of the Website. The Website provides access to multitude of texts, pictures, designs, photographs, multimedia contents, and information (hereinafter “Contents”) belonging to SCR or to third parties, and are readily available for users.

The user commits to using the Contents and Services provided on the Website adequately, and to not using them to (i) carry out activities considered illicit or illegal, or otherwise contrary to morality and public order; (ii) cause damages to the physical and logical systems of the SCR Website or to third persons; (iii) introduce or disseminate computer viruses in the network or in any other physical or logical system, leading to the damages previously mentioned; (iv) attempt to access, use, and/or tamper with the data of SCR, third parties, or other users; (v) reproduce or copy, distribute, allow public access through any means of public communication, transform, or modify the Contents without prior authorisation of SCR; (vi) erase, hide, or tamper with the Contents subject to intellectual or industrial property rights, as well as other information subject to SCR or third-party rights in the Contents, and the technical protection devices or any other information mechanisms included in the Contents. 

SCR reserves the right to investigate and report any of the aforementioned behaviours according to Law, and to collaborate with the authorities in the investigation into these activities.

SCR will be able to suspend the access to the Website temporarily and without prior notice for reasons of maintenance, repair, update, or improvement operations.  

However, so long as the circumstances allow it, SCR will notify users early enough in advance of the unavailability of the Website. SCR does not take responsibility for the users’ use of the Contents included in the Website. 

3. Intellectual property 

All the intellectual property rights over the Contents of this Website and its graphic design belong exclusively to SCR or to a third party which has authorised their use, being SCR the only party with the right to exploit them.

Therefore, as per Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of 12 Abril, of the Revised Text of the Intellectual Property Law, as well as Law 17/2001, of 7 December, on Trademarks, and related legislation on intellectual and industrial property, it is forbidden to reproduce, transmit, adapt, translate, distribute, publicly communicate, including the modality to make it available, or any other means of exploitation and/or modification, in part or in whole, of the Contents included in the Website without prior express authorisation of SCR.

SCR does not grant any licence or authorisation for any type of use over its intellectual and industrial property rights, or over any other property or right related to the Website, the Services, or the Contents. 

Users are exclusively responsible for the legitimacy of the rights over the Contents they provide, and SCR will not be liable for any third-party claims resulting from the illicit use of Contents on the Website.

4. Liability and safeguards 

SCR declares that it has adopted the necessary measures to ensure, within the possibilities and the state of technology, a correct functioning of the Website, as well as the absence of viruses and harmful components. However, SCR cannot be liable for (i) the continuity and availability of the Contents and Services; (ii) the absence of errors in the Contents nor the correction of any flaws; (iii) the absence of viruses and/or other harmful components; (iv) the damages caused by any person who compromises the security systems of SCR.

5. Duration and Modification 

This Legal disclaimer is permanent. SCR reserves the right to make changes to the conditions here included, which will be applicable upon publication. 

SCR will be able to erase, add, or change the Contents and the Services provided, as well as the means in which they are displayed and their location. All conditions published when users access the Website of SCR are applicable.

The access and/or use of the Website are regarded as the acceptance on the part of users of this Legal disclaimer and its conditions, as well as any potential changes. 

Social Networks 

The LinkedIn page of Sistemas de Control Remoto (“SCR”) was only created for informative purposes. No personal data will be collected through it, and it is not a channel to submit questions or requests, which can be sent through the form available in the ‘Contact’ section of the SCR Website, as well as via phone call at +34 91 651 82 27.

  • • Any responses provided through SCR’s LinkedIn account will be illustrative. SCR reserves the right to not respond to individual messages or comments received through this means. 
  • The graphic contents share don this account belong to SCR and are protected by the corresponding intellectual property legislation.  
  • As part of the publications, links to relevant third-party websites may be included. SCR does not take responsibility for their contents.
  • • SCR follows other LinkedIn accounts, without this representing any type of connection with any of them.
  • SCR will be able to change or erase at any point and without prior notice the comments posted on the publications of its account.
  • The use of SCR by the Agency as an informative channel does not entail the acceptance of LinkedIn’s Privacy Policy..

Aspects for consideration on social networks 

Notwithstanding any of the above considerations, the Community Manager or whomever is in charge of social networks should have a script ready in case a data subject contacts SCR through LinkedIn, so that the following message is sent: 

‘Thank you for contacting us. As you may see on the section on social networks of SCR’s website (include link to section on social networks), we use LinkedIn as an informative channel only. If you are interested in contacting us, please do so through the Contact section of our website (include link to Contact section on Website). Due to this, we will proceed to delete this message and will not collect any personal data from it. Sincerely, SCR.’ 

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