Data Analysis

We provide onboard data processing techniques to optimize the development of future missions.

Everis ADS offers analysis services of all data collected by unmanned vehicles thus providing added value and a pre-analysed result that facilitates the work of the customer's own staff, expediting access to valuable information and therefore also expediting decision making.

Our data analytics service focuses on three areas:

  • Artificial intelligence and computer vision:
    • Image analysis by computational-vision techniques based on Artificial Intelligence.
    • Staff specialised in computational-vision techniques, applying those that are necessary in each occasion.
    • Design of neural networks or other analysis techniques adapted to each field of action.
    • Compilation of images for training and evaluation of the neuronal network according to the case.
  • Information fusion:
    • Integration of geopositioned information from all UAV sensors, crossing-matching this information with that provided by the autopilot
  • On-board processing for real-time event detection:
    • Adaptation of our hardware equipment for on-board processing and integration with the rest of the UAV systems.
    • Adaptation of the processing software to achieve results in mission time.

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